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Captain Solan Jekkar

Name Solan Jekkar

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Andorian
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 215lbs
Hair Color White
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Solan is average height, with short white hair and white Eyebrows. He has a tattoo of a series of hollow five points stars running along his left forearm towards his wrist.

He is average build with a small scar on his right side.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Solan is a fairly easy going individual, he knows when to switch off from his duty and make friends but then he also cares for his subordinates and his shipmates.

He takes his job very seriously when given a task to complete. And is often seen as putting the welfare if his Ship and Crew above that of his own. He isn't afraid to speak his mind if he feels something must be said.
Strengths & Weaknesses He is an expert in Phaser and Disruptor technology having trained with a variety of different weapon types. He also is a qualified Criminologist which he graduated in the top 5 of his class in.

Solan can be a bit of a hot head, and may open his mouth when it is not needed and as a result may cause tension with others. He is also relatively new to Command so is still finding his feet as a Starship Captain.
Ambitions He would like to Command his own Starship one day, something like a Sovereign or a Galaxy Class, then become an Admiral.
Hobbies & Interests When not on duty he is an avid fan of Alien Cultures, with a keen interest in Pre Starfleet history and also classic earth crime novels.

He is also a massive Ice Hockey fan and takes the chance to see a game when he visits Earth or a Starfleet Facility with a Hockey Rink

Personal History Solan was born on 6th November 2353, at Starfleet Medical on earth. His parents were Officers assigned to Command. He is the middle of three Children.

Being from a Starfleet family meant that he frequently travelled around to various assignments with his parents and siblings without staying long enough to settle. As a result he has a close bond with his brother and sister.

When he was old enough he followed in the footsteps of both of his parents and his brother, and joined Starfleet. He chose to study Tactical and Security based subjects. With a keen interest in Energy Weapons, but also in the field of Criminology with which he finished in the top five in his class.

Upon his Graduation he was assigned to the USS Ontario as a Security Officer, an Assignment he enjoyed when he had the chance to explore the Galaxy. However with the onset of the Dominion War he was less of an Investigator and more of a Soldier. He eanred his stripes so to speak against the Cardassians and the Jem'Hadar.

His adaptability and meticulous eye for detail allowed him to serve on a post war Cardassia as an Investigator. Working with the rebuilding efforts and keeping the peace.

He was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade in 2377 and returned to Starfleet Command as an Investigation specialist.
This Assignment was his personal favourite and he received several commendations for his dedication to the job.

In 2380 with the need for experienced Officers, Solan was transferred to the USS Leveller as he Chief of Security. He was made her acting Second Officer in 2381 after an Away Mission resulted in the loss of 4 Senior Crewmembers during a tsunami on a distant colony. He was promoted to Lieutenant afterwards.

Shortly after he waspromoted to Lieutenant in 2382 and moved to Armstrong Station as Security Chief. He was the Senior Investigator in the series of murders dubbed the 'Armstrong Assassinations', in which 5 separate people were killed by an unstable Crewman. He was praised for his investigative approach and released a book about the case.

Solan guest lectured at the Academy following this teaching a Course on Advanced Inestigation techniques and Criminal History. Promotion to Lieutenant COmmander followed in 2385.

Solan was transfered to the Command track following several recommendations and upon completion of his course was assigned as the XO of USS Jordan. He served as XO from 2385 to 2387. Followed by a stint as XO of USS Maine 2387 to 89. Becoming Commander as of 98.

In 2391 he recieved his first Command which was the USS Santiago assigned to patrol the Gorn Border and deal with the increased Piracy in the region,

As of 2393 his promotion to Cpatain was approved and he was awaiting a new assignment which involved the USS Oracle.