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Lieutenant JG T'Pwarya

Name T'Pwarya

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 64

Physical Appearance

Height 180 cm
Weight 60 kg
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Like most denizens of the region she was born and raised in, T'Pwarya is similar in appearance to humans who originated on the Indian subcontinent. Due to a medical condition (see below), T'Pwarya has muted Vulcan facial features, though her ears are the "standard" Vulcan pointed variety, oft covered when she wears her long (past the middle of her back) hair down.


Spouse Sukort (annulled)
Father Sarterk
Mother T'Pimon
Sister(s) T'Pustu

Personality & Traits

General Overview Generally a well balanced individual. Although an adherent of a lifestyle based on logic and emotional mastery, T'Pwarya's is also committed to the tenets of Kol-Ut-Shan, and thus does not expect others to necessarily approach a problem in the same fashion she does. Has a dry and subtle sense of humor.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Competent in multiple disciplines
+ Thoroughly examines any problem she is presented with, considering each facet individually and collectively
+ Generally accepting of other cultures/approaches other than her own

- Has problem making personal paradigm shifts unless able to do so incrementally
- Has problem accepting advise/ideas/observations from individuals who profess being experts, rather than proving they are experts
Ambitions To eventually return to the V'Shar, and perhaps one day head that ministry.
Hobbies & Interests Juggling
Suus Mahna
Jonathan Creek Mysteries

Personal History The oldest of four children, T'Pwarya's facial features were an early indication that she suffered from Teslopd Syndrome, a rare genetic syndrome in which the sufferer's body does not produce a protein used in the Vulcan limbic system. The protein in question is easily found and consumed in multiple leafy plants on and off Vulcan, but the syndrome decreases the sufferer's sex drive and the impact of fon parr.

The denizens of the region that T'Pwarya was born in resemble those humans who originated from Earth's Indian subcontinent. In addition, many are practitioners of a neo-Syrrannite strain of the Vulcan philosophy and, as a reflection of this, forgo the "bowl cut" worn by most Vulcans of both sexes.

Like many families of many species, T'Pwarya's family had a custom of the occupation which its members followed. In the case of T'Pwarya's clan, that calling was law enforcement. The majority of T'Pwarya's family served as peace officers, instructors or sociologists. T'Pwarya's father was an instructor at the Vulcan Institute for Defensive Arts, while her mother served as a Vulcan liaison to the Ferengi Commerce Authority.

T'Pwarya's talents seemed to lay in other directions, however. At an early age, she revealed herself to be a mathematical prodigy. So naturally, she ran off to join the circus.

There were a number of events between those points, of course. The first was a trip to Earth at the age of eight that included viewing a circus from Brazil. Among the many performers in the circus were practitioners of Capoeira.

Young T'Pwarya found the whole spectacle...fascinating.

Young T'Pwarya would begin a lifelong friendship with a daughter of one of the performers, who would in forty years' time become the manager of the circus.

Her trip to the circus notwithstanding, T'Pwarya would end up following her clan's tradition. She would enter the Vulcan Science Academy, earning the Vulcan equivalent of a doctorate in mathematics, with an emphasis in number theory and modeling. She would also become a student, then an instructor, in comparative interspecies martial arts. T'Pwarya seemed destined to follow the academic side of "the family business."

Instead, her friendship with a circus manager on Earth would come into play. As can be imagined, T'Pwarya had a number of relatives in the V'Shar. One of those contacted her to use her contacts with the Earth circus for one of their operations. This ended with T'Pwarya living as a circus performer for six months, and eventually becoming a V'Shar operative.

T'Pwarya's transition from V'Shar operative to Starfleet Intelligence Specialist occurred during a joint mission between the two entities. She made friends with a Lt. Cmdr. Thompson, who sought to recruit the capable Vulcan for Star Fleet. She initially declined, but her immediate superior and mentor at V'Shar suggested that a few years in Starfleet Intelligence would benefit both her and V'Shar. So T'Pwarya is currently on indefinite leave from the V'Shar while she serves in Starfleet.
Service Record 2391 -- Officer Candidate School
2391-2392 -- Intelligence Officer, Starbase 314
2392-2393 -- Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Herodotus
2393 -- Chief Intelligence Officer, USS Oracle