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Lieutenant Commander Molly Logan

Name Molly Grace Logan

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 50

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 130
Hair Color Brunette
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description : She is getting older but don’t let that fool you. She is physically sound, has a standard workout routine. She likes Klingon ‘Mok’bara’. She has several holodeck programs for it. She also runs. She had previously in the past trained with a Batlathe. (See notes under husband). She wears her hair up most of the time due to her work. She has a Celtic protection rune tattoo on her right inner arm. She is very shapely and sexy given her age.


Spouse Kroc Jorshacho (dead)
Children None
Father Angus Connell Loganach
Mother Grace McDougall Loganach
Brother(s) Brendan Dughlas Loganach
Auther Cormack Loganach
Sister(s) Anne Marie Loganach- McGregor
Other Family Numerous Nieces and Nephews due to her brothers and sister procreative efforts

Personality & Traits

General Overview She has a tendency to be a workaholic and perfectionist, but when she lets her hair down, it can be explosive. Parties are her thing, hosting and participating. While she keeps to herself most of the time, she has a beautiful and wonderful bedside manner, and cares deeply for those under her care. That’s as far as her heart will let her go, keeping mostly to herself. The parties are her way of being social without a commitment.
Strengths & Weaknesses Commitment to her crew. Always will go the extra mile.
Not always taking care of herself. Unwillingness to be hurt.
Ambitions to one day return to earth to her homeland of Scotland. Secure a permanent teaching position at Star Fleet again.
Hobbies & Interests Has several Holodeck programs. One of the Scottish Highlands, several party scenes, Klingon ‘Mok’bara’ and Batlathe routines. Loves to cook.

Personal History She was born April 4, 2342 on earth in the small Scottish town of Glencoe. Her family was part of the local aristocrats. They were in the town for several thousand years, a fact that her father consistently reminded her of. She has tons of nieces and nephews that she dotes on regularly, when she is able. She changed her last name to Logan for the simplicity of it, this did not go well with her father. While in the Academy she fell in love with a Klingon Kroc Jorshacho. She was the only one to stand up to him. She was but a cadet and he was a new Ensign. He reminded her of her father with his “rough” outer exterior. She learned ‘Mor’bara and Batlath under his wing. Her tenacity broke through his heart and the two where nearly inseparable. The romance lasted while he was assigned aboard the USS Douglass and she enrolled at Star Fleet Medical. They were married while he was on furlough. Molly’s father loved him like a son. Needless to say the whole family was devastated over his death. They were told that he fought bravely when they came under enemy attach during an away mission. Molly retreated to her work and has not looked back since. Her family is concerned but understand that they cannot push her, after all it was years ago now. Now she finds herself back aboard a ship. Molly had secured a teaching position at Star Fleet Medical and the Rank of Commander. She was busted down after a lab experiment gone wrong. Research on her part showed that a higher ranking official sabotaged her lab in an effort to steal the technology. It didn’t help that she turned down every offer of a date from him either. Instead of the truth, she was asked to step down in order to preserve the greater good. He was ousted. The incident was classified to the point that only a few people were aware. Her family considered it a slap to the face, and she was now the black sheep instead of the golden child. She now found herself aboard the USS Oracle. (see first personal log)
Service Record Star Fleet Academy/Star Fleet Medical: 2360-2368
Internship- Nano technology 2369-2372 Outpost Gamma 4
Sub-specialties in Exobiology, Advanced combat Medicine, Nano technology
2373 USS Sam Houston- Assistant Medical Officer
2374- Bridge Officers Course
2378 advanced Survival Training Course
2380 USS Same Houston- CMO (retirement of CMO)
2387- Accepted position at Star Fleet Medical to teach Nanotechnology
2392- Demotion and Court Martial Proceedings
2393- USS Oracle CMO