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Lieutenant Commander Alexander Roberts

Name Alexander Talon Roberts

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 146 lbs.
Hair Color brown
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Alexander is an ordinary-looking human of average height and weight, with no distinguishing marks. His hair is sometimes a bit of the messy side. He also tends to sport a goatee.


Spouse Rebecca
Children Timothy (age 14)
Ryan (age 12)
Justin (age 9)
Father Alan
Mother Christina
Brother(s) Orrin (older)
Jared (younger)
Zachary (younger)
Other Family various extended family members

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alexander is determined and hard working. He carefully observes what is going on around him, then moves to deal with things in the quickest and most efficient way possible. He thrives on variety and novelty, and enjoys the challenge of solving problems.

He tends to be tolerant of a wide range of behavior, until his ruling logical principles are attacked; at that point, he can express firm and clear judgement. He listens and seems to be agreeing only because he is not disagreeing. Later, others may learn that he was analyzing and making internal judgments.
Strengths & Weaknesses Alexander works hard, and can be loyal once you've earned his trust. He likes to think he can adapt to a variety of situations.

Sometimes he doesn't always speak up when he should, and sometimes gets frustrated when people don't see or agree with his way.
Ambitions He just wants to do the best that he can, and doesn't really plan too far in advance as to aiming for any particular position or function. He considers "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" to be a particularly annoying question.
Hobbies & Interests Reading, Holodeck time, HaiDong Gumdo, spending time with his family

Personal History Alexander was born and raised on Earth, the second of four boys born to a social worker and a homemaker. He has what he considered to be an uneventful childhood. As the family lived near a woodland area, Will and the other children his age could often be found playing in that area, building forts, exploring, etc.

When he was 13, Alex met a girl at school, Rebecca Hanson, who had just moved to the area along with her family, and became friends with her. Although he denies it, his brothers started giving him a hard time about the relationship, claiming that it was really puppy love on Alex's part.

When he was 15, he took up a style of Korean swordsmanship known as HaiDong Gumdo, after meeting a local instructor who was giving a speech at Alex's high school. Over the years, he has won several tournaments, and placed highly in others.

Not long after turning 16, he started to admit that maybe he did have strong feelings for Rebecca. As her parents did not approve of dating before the age of 16, Alex had to wait a few more months before her 16th birthday before asking her out; a bit to his surprise, she agreed, and the two started dating.

When he turned 18 and graduated from high school, he attended college, studying political science. During that time, he and Rebecca continued to see each other, and got married after his graduation.

He joined the Federation Diplomatic Corps right after. He had two uncles in the Diplomatic Corps, and had dreamed of following in their footsteps. Three years after joining, he found that he was not as enthusiastic about the Corps as he'd once dreamed, and after discussing things with Rebecca, he entered Starfleet Academy.

Receiving some credits for courses he'd taken in college, he was able to go through the Academy in 2 years, majoring in astrophysics.

After graduation, he was assigned as a conn officer aboard the Rigel-Class U.S.S. Helios, where he served as a shuttle pilot and relief conn officer. Ferrying people around (which is what he did most of the time) was most certainly NOT what he'd had in mind when he'd joined Starfleet, and within months had put in a transfer request. The XO talked him out of the transfer request, and made arrangements for him to spend more time at conn. The XO explained that while he was mindful of the reasons behind Alex's transfer request from the Helios, he also felt that it was important for Alex to be familiar with all aspects of being a conn officer, not just what could be done from the bridge. Alex eventually made it to the assistant chief flight contol officer position.

After 3 years, Alex wound up on the Akira-Class U.S.S. Gallantry, this time as chief conn officer. He received a commendation for helping solve a murder (a delegate they'd taken to Pacifica for a conference was killed; Alex, looking over the shoulder of the security chief reviewing images from the conference one evening in the ship's lounge, noticed that someone had left right around the time of the murder and had come back wearing a different tie; the original tie was found in the man's quarters, covered in the victim's blood).

During a major refit of the Gallantry, Alex was reassigned as chief conn officer of the Ambassador-Class U.S.S. Nairobi, where he also became the ship's second officer. Taking on more responsibilities in helping with several diplomatic negotiations that the ship had been assigned, Alex eventually attracted the attention of several higher-ups in Starfleet Command, who tapped him to become the second officer of the newly-launched U.S.S. Oracle.
Service Record 2382-2385: U.S.S. Helios, conn officer

2385-2389: U.S.S. Gallantry, chief conn officer

2389-2393: U.S.S. Nairobi, chief conn officer

2393: U.S.S. Oracle, Chief Conn Officer