Jenny of Oldstones

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Oracle has been on the frontier for several months following the incident with the USS Cushing and New Lisbon.

On her way home she picks up a distress call and goes to assist and it appears that the occupant may not be what they seem......

The Bandits of Black Rain

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Black Rain, a Star System at the very edge of explored territory that intersects several domains and jurisdictions. Initially set up as a venture between businesses and governments, the ideal hub of commerce.

The USS Oracle has been sent to open up communications with the long overlooked conglomerate, that is until they discover that piracy is rife and corruption nests itself writhin the very heart of the board of directors.

Hold Your Breath

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A new Outpost is setup on the edges of the Frontier, Outpost Atlantis. The first joint outpost devised by Starfleet and the Nautolan Republic, on a Class O planet and deep beneath the Ocean surface.

This jewel of technology and innovation seems like the perfect staging ground for a new era of exploration, until the power fails......


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USS Oracle sits in Dock at Starbase for upgrades and resupply after 6 months charting stellar phenomena. The latest chapter in her illustrious history begins with the arrival of her new Captain and Crew.

The Lion and the Lamb

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Starfleet has received an invitation to the Kingdom of Gulb, a Monarchy on the border with Romulan Space, long considered a a thorn in the side of the Romulans and potential ally to the Federation.

Oracle has been tasked with visiting this Monarchy and engaging in dialogues for the first time in decades, but is it going to be that straightforward?

Darkness Descends

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Following a relief mission to a distant colony on the frontier, the USS Cushing has gone silent and the Oracle has been sent to investigate.

Found adrift in space with power and lifesupport still intact but no signs of life, something has gone terribly wrong and the answer lies within a single stasis pod in sickbay.