Personal Log Entry #1

Posted on Thu Dec 12th, 2019 @ 7:40pm by Lieutenant JG T'Pwarya

Chief Intelligence Officer's Personal Log, Stardate 70445.24

I am preparing to assume my duties as the USS Oracle's Chief Intelligence Officer. Were I to allow myself to experience emotions, I suspect that I would be experiencing a sensation akin to anticipation. Since entering Starfleet, my duties as an Intelligence Officer have been analytical in nature. This, of course, is a logical use of my abilities. I do possess an advanced education in number theory and mathematical modeling, coupled with a post graduate education in cryptanalysis.

Personal observation. Although it may seem counterintuitive to assume humans would be more adept in the field of chaos theory, and Vulcan mathematicians more versed in cryptanalysis, when one gives it some thought, it is only logical that the reverse would be true. And I found the six months I spent on Earth at Oxford University studying in that field insightful.

Even as the Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer on the USS Herodotus, my duties were primarily supportive and administrative. Again, this was a logical use of my talents. However, I do possess experience in what is termed "field work" while on duty for the V'Shar. Were I human, I might feel resentment for being "pigeonholed," as I believe it is called.

Were I human.

Another human adage comes to mind as I prepare to assume my duties. As Chief Intelligence Officer, I will undoubtedly be expected to "put my money where my mouth is." That is to say, I will be expected to demonstrate that my abilities are not restricted entirely to the analytical.

End entry.