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A New Journey

Posted on Wed Jan 22nd, 2020 @ 1:55am by Lieutenant Commander Molly Logan

To say I am thrilled is an understatement. Starting back over with the basics was something I never thought would happen. I did bring somethings with me that where not in the normal array of typical Sickbay equipment. I am hoping the items that I pack remain secured and contained.

Thinking back over the past months. The breech in security at my lab. The accusations, the court proceedings. I really did not dealt with that well. It was just the hurt of it all, I was not guilty, then still I had to take the hit for it. Being demoted is never easy. This crew will have no knowledge of what took place. Even the Captain would have no clue, unless he had the proper clearance. According to the Admiral I will have to look like a disgraced officer and will have to prove myself again. I will be what I always have been, a caring, meticulous physician.

The holiday I just took was nice. A quaint little resort. Met a nice guy. I kind of lied though. I didnt tell him anything Star Fleet about myself. No sense in getting anyone in trouble. One night trysts are not my nature and I do not plan on making a habit of it.

I am still wondering why they sent me packing to the USS Oracle. I am aware of the need of a new CMO. Honestly I am not sure what to expect from an Andorian Capt. I have worked with this race many times before but not in a command capacity.

I have decided to go at it with a new perspective. A fresh new start. I have already looked over the crew manifest. Seemed fairly normal, looked like a few speed bumps. I have already scheduled introduction meetings with the heads of departments, inventory for the whole sickbay, crew interviews with my staff. I am fairly sure I have everything covered. I notified Daddy of my situation, only what I was allowed to tell him. I could tell he was hurt. The Admiral gave me no other alternative, but to pack and leave.

As we came along side the Oracle. The red shirt Ensign sounded like all he had was distain for me. I answered him but no response from him. Did news travel that fast to this side of the galaxy.

God help me. A new journey indeed.


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