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Posted on Wed Jul 8th, 2020 @ 1:30am by Lieutenant Tessa Alveraz MD

Tessa sat in the officers dining room, eating salad and going over her journal. It had been a long trip, she was tired from the medical conference and longed for a spa. She grinned, a Trill friend had given her the famous springs on Trillus Prime. She giggled thinking about the last time she had been in that holo spa with Jolis Leaxia a joined Trill very handsome Commander on the Valley Forge, she had been at Vulcan Healing Academy. He arrived as an injured patient. Since she had experience with Trills the lead Healer Solla, handed him over to her. She performed surgery on the sealet, bites and monitored his symbioant for 49 hours. He recovered and they dated , he took her to a holo suite at a private club and they had a relaxing Bishian Springs Spa day.

She frowned slightly as she tasted cold coffee. She rose from her chair and poured another black no sugar no cream....

As she sat with her memories. She pulled out the duty logs, she penned in holo deck time operation SPA.


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