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All the small things

Posted on Wed Jul 22nd, 2020 @ 12:00pm by Captain Solan Jekkar & Commander Bipasha Chaitali & Lieutenant Commander Alexander Roberts & Lieutenant Commander Anahera Chernova & Lieutenant M'Lise & Lieutenant Tessa Alveraz MD & Lieutenant Nicholas Papandreou PhD & Irini Desgo

Mission: Jenny of Oldstones
Location: Mysterious Alien Vessel

With Captain Jekkar in a counseling session with Lieutenant Kavanagh, the remainder of the Bridge Crew were left to handle the distress call. As they approached they would see a small ship roughly the equivalent size of a Runabout but of an unknown configuration.

This Vessel was built in a manner similar to many humanoid vessels, you knew it was a ship but not where it came from. Her life support was working but the rest of her systems were inoperable.


Cast in her soft blue lights, soft blue carpet, and even the soft blue dress of the bartender, Foresight was always a mellow place. Today she was empty, as something had the attention of the crew. Irini made her way to the front view ports of the lounge to take a look out across the gulf of space to get a naked eye look at the source of all the excitement.

A ship, though something new to her. Suppose it was bound to happen sometime. A craft, sleek and steel, a dirty golden bronze look to her, with gleaming streaks of brighter steel to accent. "There's something you don't see everyday." Irini commented to herself as she looked over at the craft. She'd wager it wasn't anything Starfleet had ever seen, because it certainly wasn't anything she'd ever seen. What was that catchy little mission statement of their's again? Seek out new life? Well what a day, today it came seeking them out.

She'd drink to that.


"We are approaching the vessel now, Commander," Alex reported. "Taking us out of warp and keeping an eye out for anything suspicious."

The Cardassian gripped the armrests the Captain's chair. "Good, be vigilant Commander Roberts. That goes for everyone. If you see anything out of the normal on sensors or otherwise do not hesitate to report it."

"We are being hailed by the vessel. It's Channel only not visual."

"Fine by me, I didn't have time to put on my best makeup today" replied BiPasha. "Play audible transmission" she added.

"Hello? My name is Jenny and I require your assistance, my Vessel is experiencing a few mechanical and technological faults." The voice was female, young and calm but clearly in a bit of a predicament.

"I have life support and environmental controls but the rest of my ship does not wish to cooperate with me." She said waiting for a response from the Oracle.

Bipasha gave the signal to mute the channel. She was not ready to respond just yet. "The Cardassian of me says trap, but I serve here for the time being. Federation and Starfleet protocol dictates we respond to all distress calls" she said.

"Open a channel" ordered Commander Chaitali. "Ms...Jenny, this is Commander Bipasha Chaitali, acting First Officer of the USS Oracle, Federation starship. We have received your transmission and are will be en route to to render assistance."

"Thank you." The Comm abruptly went silent.

The fact the message was audio only made Anahera suspicious. She'd been caught in traps before, and even set up her own. This situation made her teeth itch.

Commander Chaitali stood from the chair and turned to face Anahera. "Page the Captain to the Bridge. I think he's endored the Counselor's interrogation enough. This is a Federation matter and one the Captain should be handling directly."

"Captain to the Bridge." Anahera said through the Comms."

A few minutes later Solan returned to the Bridge. "I've been monitoring the situation all the time its been unfolding." He said taking his seat. "Alright we will go an render assistance to this woman but i want vigilance at all times, constant sensor sweeps, engines spoiled up and at the first sign of trouble we bail out."

His orders were met with nods from the bridge Crew.

"Acknowledged," Alex said. "Not picking up any other ships on sensors at the moment, although I do realize that might not mean much if there's a cloaked ship around. I'm ready to put the petal to the metal if things go sour, though."

"I've set the tactical sensor to scan for a rise in background tachyon level, just in case there's a surprise out there." Anahera reported.

Solan nodded. “Alright begin to tractor her into the main shuttle bay, steady as she goes.”


Doctor Tessa Alveraz, CMO, sat at her desk, going over reports and checking crew manifest for those who need annual crew physical checkups. As she sat thumbing through the mountain of reports, she heard the Captain Bridge call, Under way. She tapped the comm and said. "Doctor Alveraz reporting Sickbay is condition green, and five by five, Sir."

The head nurse arrived with the clinicals and charts updates, she handed them to the CMO, and continued onward with her case work. The orderlies were busy restocking Sickbay and carrying dirty laundry to the recycle bins.

Tessa sat back in her chair listening to a Medical Conference presentation on the cloning of vital organs to replace diseased ones for patients of all species, she made notes on the topic and sent Doctor Hadaring a note of congratulations on his award in Cloning medical technology, then she made her way to her quarters for a quick shower and change into a fresh uniform, she had taken a long range shuttle to the ship, and had not had time to shower and change before getting down to business in Sickbay. The appendectomy patient was recovering well and the Ensign would be back on duty in four days, he had let his appendix rupture and was in very much distress when Tessa arrived.

As she left her quarters to go to the Officers dining for a quick meal and some coffee, she nodded to crew passing by, she knew that soon the Captain would call her for the customary meet and greet at his discretion.


Solan remained vigilant as he sat at the Command chair on the Bridge, his attention to the vessel being tractored into the Shuttlebay. With a glance at the vacant XO seat he looked at Alexanader. "Commander Roberts, a Ship like that would be of modest size wouldnt you think?"

"I certainly agree, Captain," Alex said.

"Hmm I am curious as to how a Ship which looks pristine would suffer such a glaring malfunction." He got up to look on the Consoles. "Not to mention wind up this far on the edge of the frontier if it was in need of an overhaul."

"Sensors indicate that the ship is not that old," Alex said. "I'm no engineer, but I wouldn't think that there would be anything old enough to suddenly and unexpectedly break down."


Doctor Tessa Alveraz, CMO made her way from the dining hall to Sickbay. As she entered the ward, she passed the PADD desk, picking up the ones in her INBOX, she made her way to her office. Noting, that the Ship at this time has no Counselor, that job is also hers, one which is very familiar with and competent in handling the Mental Health of all Crew and Officers.

Sipping black coffee provided by the Head Nurse, she smiled thank her and continued her work. The coffee tasted excellent, and she was going to pull some long hours, getting her department the ship shape way she preferred it.

She then, picked up her personal items from the crates delivered and began to place them on the empty shelves, ancient 20th century medical equipment, a leather medical bag, from one of the first Female Doctors in the 20th Century. Her awards from various missions and competitions, as well as her favorite Waterford vase, in which she placed a dozen yellow roses she replicated.

Then she, pulled out her hard back old Medical books, set them on shelf. Pulling out her family holo pics, she placed it on the desk, along with her favorite chocolates.

This ship seemed to be steady, and she had no concerns, yet there was something in the back of her mind that she just coult not shake.

The nurse arrived again and announced a enlisted PFC had sprained an ankle.

Tessa rose from her work and made her way to bio bed one. She did an extensive scan of the ankle and indeed it was just a bad sprain. She used a soft tissue re generator on the inside tissue , layer by layer, healing it. She then ran a de bruiser across the dermis. Looking at the PFC she said, "You should stay off this for 24 hours, take this mild analgesic for pain this week, if you have further problems, please return to this Sickbay." The PFC smiled and thanked her, and as he departed he met another crewman in the corridor, the crewman ask. "Whats the new Doc like?" The PFC, smiled and just did the curvy montions.. They both walked on ward continuing their conversation.

Doctor Alveraz, worked on up grading the systems patient files, installing the latest from Star Fleet Medical, which made it easier for the Captain if need be to access pertinent information before sending any Crew member into a dangerous away mission.


Once the Ship was towed into the Oracles Shuttle Bay and it was secured, the Captain looked at the others.

"Alex, Anahera you're both with me." He said getting up and heading to the Turbolift. "Let us go see to our guest shall we?"

"Aye, sir." Anahera said handing her station over to the relief officer. "It would be the height of bad manners to keep them waiting." She added following the others out. Despite her flippant tone, she was very suspicious of their new guest.

Alex nodded as he also turned his station over to the relief officer. "Captain, perhaps we should also contact Lt. M'Lise to meet us there as well, seeing as how they were citing engineering difficulties?"

"Good idea." Solan nodded. "Lieutenant Papandreou you have the Bridge, reset our course back to Federation Space."

Papandreou was working his fingers over the control panel. Something about the situation did not sit well with him. He was even further disturbed by the fact that his scans revealed nothing out of the ordinary, seeming to corroborate the story that “Jenny” was telling them. A ship that new doesn’t just break down on its own. The science officer thought. Suddenly, he heard Solan’s order. “Aye, Captain.” The Lieutenant responded. He rose from the Science I station and made his way to the Command Area. Standing in front of the command chair, he gave the order. “Conn, lay in a course. Take us back to Federation Space, Warp six.”

Meanwhile, Alex tapped his comm badge. "Lt. M'Lise, meet us down in the shuttlebay. We have a situation that may require your expert attention.

From engineering M'lise, tapped hir com badge "On my way sir."


Tessa, was in her office, she could feel the ships change, she knew by the familiar sounds, they had taken a vessel aboard.

Closing the old first edition book, she had been reading while on her shift break. She made her way into the main ward, to go over supplies and speak with the Nurse and the Doctor on duty. They were sipping coffee and restocking the ward after a couple of patients arrived with slight accidents.

Tessa looked at Nurse Megan Leigh. "Nurse, everything in order?"

"Aye, Doctor Alveraz, all is well."

Doctor N'Jae, turned and said. "Doctor Alveraz, we finished unpacking all the supplies for the surgery , and we have treated two patients for a slight mishap in the jefferies tubes. Both had sprains and bruises in ankles and one left arm and one right arm. Both Ensigns are resting in quarters now, until their next duty shift."

Tessa nodded. "Very good, Doctor N'Jae. Carry on, I am returning to my work."

She returned to her office and began to work on the Thesis she was submitting to the medical conference, citing, the rare medical book on the early beginnings of what was then called X-ray technology, and how far the new holographic scans, could diagnose much more competently than her ancient counterpart....



Taking a deep breath Sie straps hir tool belt on and collects hir standard and custom toolboxes, and made her way towards the turbolift, taping the call button sie enters as soon as the doors open "Shuttle bay".

M'lise went over a few things in hir head. "


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