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Sickbay new journey

Posted on Wed Jul 22nd, 2020 @ 9:33pm by Lieutenant Tessa Alveraz MD

Mission: Jenny of Oldstones
Location: Sickbay

Doctor Tessa Alveraz,CMO, rounded the dias past the Nurses Station and picked up the PADDS, in her in box.

As she made her way through the ward. She noted a case of space sickness. She put down her padds and picked up her scanner. "Ensign, you are having an allergic reaction to some dish with Bromelin in it, did you run out of your de-sentizing medication hypo?"

The Ensign blushed and nodded. "No problem. Here is three month supply. And I am giving you counter agents. You will need to rest, but you should be able to return to duty in the morning."

She pressed the hypo to his neck. And in a few minutes he was fine enough to return to quarters for a 12 hour sleep.

Tessa moved on to her office, sat down read and signed the Padds then, placed the PADDS there for her assistant to refile as she had signed off on them.

Doctor Tessa Alveraz, CMO




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