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Sickbay ship shape/ Counselors Office to

Posted on Thu Jul 23rd, 2020 @ 3:34pm by Lieutenant Tessa Alveraz MD

Mission: Jenny of Oldstones
Location: Medical Deck, Counselor office


Lieutenant Tessa Alveraz, cleaned and redressed the Counselor office. She wanted the room to be comfortable, comforting and not off putting.

As she completed the decoration touches, she looked to see a Crewman ...

"Hello, I am Doctor Alveraz , how may I help?"

"I, got a dear John letter today via communique mail and it just juuuss...."

Tessa nodded, "Have a seat," as he sat down. She poured sparkling tea for two and handed him a glass.

She said. "You saw each in person how long ago?"

"Three years, I have been away. See, she is a dancer they are touring planets and Bases. They are Risa now, she is Bajoran and she did the separation ceremony via communique and sent me back the bracelet I gave her. I just really I am sad."

Tessa listened and sipped her water. "Have you sent her a communique telling her your feelings?"

"I did, but she said I am Human and will have to deal with it. I am just glad we did not marry, she has three other lovers. I guess I just needed to talk this out."

Tessa nodded, "I also recommend you write it down on paper and then put it into the recycle bin, that way you release all the emotions. It will take time and I am always here to listen."

He smiled and said, "Thank you, I will write it out and send it into the recycle."

As Crewman Smith left. Tessa made notes into his medical chart, and sent him a reminder of his appointment in a week, sooner if needed.

She cleared the glasses, and straightened the office.

Departing she made her way to her lab. She wanted to check on the research..


Lieutenant Tessa AlverazCMO/Councelor

USS Oracle


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