From unpacking to break

Posted on Mon Jul 27th, 2020 @ 3:40pm by Lieutenant Tessa Alveraz MD

Mission: Jenny of Oldstones
Location: Officers dining


Lieutenant Tessa Alveraz,CMO; made her way from her unpacking and cleaning, to her quarters. She showered quickly, and then made her way to the Officers Dining Hall.

She found a table near the large windows, sat down and looked over the days menu.

A Wait Staff arrived to take her order. "Iced peach tea, the COBB Salad with red vinaigrette dressing, and the brown bread with cheese."

The Waiter returned with the peach tea. And laid out her place setting.

She, sipped her tea and read through reports, medical supplies and other Sickbay items. The food arrived and she placed her PADD on the table and sampled the salad and the warm honey bread.

As she ate and read reports, she noted the hum of conversation, people eating and enjoying the break.

She found it pleasant that the crew were excited and the comradorie levels were high on the Oracle.

As she sipped her tea. The Waiter arrived with her slice of pecan pie.

Smiling she said. "Thank you." Chef had used her Grandmother's recipe for the luscious pie. "Mmmmmmm, yummie!" She said as she tasted it.

The waiter winked and returned to work...


Lieutenant Tessa Alveraz, CMO